Santa’s Salt and Pepper Butterscotch-Pine Nut Cookies

“I’M IN LOVE, I’M IN LOVE [with these cookies] AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!”


  1. says

    How interesting… I bet these are so tasty. I love sweet and savory together. I pinned these on pinterest and will file them away to make sure sure! I just purchased someone a chocolate bar with pinenuts in them – I rarely see pinenuts used in sweet applications like this. Thanks for posting, and for the amazing photography!
    -Annakate @

  2. Madonna says

    I did watch The Chew, and the minute I saw her cookies I knew she was the winner. They were simple yet had a level of sophistication. As far as the criticism, don’t take it so personal. I know it is hard to read when it is your friend, but try to focus on all of those that were happy for her, and not let one or two negative comments spoil the moment. Everyday someone says fire Daphne, then the next someone says fire Carla. However, if that does not help, try to remember she did run away with the dough, $$$$$ – 5 of them. Love the photos, love the cookies, and very happy for your friend.

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