Biscoff Banana Cannoli Sandwiches

Can you tell that Biscoff spread has swept me off my feet?  It most certainly has and now I think my daughter may be more addicted than I am.  That’s why she jumped on the chance to create a Biscoff recipe with me for their Lunch Envy Challenge contest.  We put our heads together and came up with an easy and fun recipe geared towards kids, but I’ll be honest here–we’ve eaten more than a few of these ourselves.  We were inspired by our love of cannolis, but we managed to sneak in some healthy components to our dessert-like recipe to make it a nutritious lunch for growing kids.

And speaking of kids, guess who loves our recipe as much as we do?

Him.  That’s who.

So here’s our super simple recipe for the Biscoff Lunch Envy Challenge.  If you are a food blogger, check out the rules here.  You still have time to enter for a chance to win two iPads among other prizes! 

Biscoff Banana Cannoli Sandwiches
1 whole grain thin sandwich round bread, split in half horizontally
2 tablespoons Biscoff spread
2 tablespoons ricotta cheese
1 medium banana
1/3 cup whole grain cereal with nuts, finely crushed
Flatten each sandwich bread half with a rolling pin until very thin.  Spread each half with 1 tablespoon Biscoff, followed by 1 tablespoon ricotta cheese, spreading to the edges.  Peel banana and cut in half horizontally. Place the crushed cereal on a plate or shallow dish. Place each banana half in the center of each sandwich.  Press the bread around the banana, slightly pressing a small amount of the filling out.  Dip the edges and ends of the sandwich in the cereal, pressing to coat well.  2 sandwiches.


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    It IS a small world, especially when it comes to Wayne County connections. There is also a brand new Publix about to open next month in Spanish Fort at the Eastern Shore Centre, one exit down from the Bass Pro Shop. It’s directly behind the Belk Store there, on the north side of the shopping center. We love Publix as well, and do the vast majority of our grocery shopping there. There are also several in the works to open next year in Mobile! Oh, and when you are at the Eastern Shore Centre, be sure to visit World Market. They have some wonderful food items from around the world in there. I now know from the Biscoff web site that they have the Biscoff spread as well.

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    Thank you Jordana and Emily!

    Marcus-Yes, you just brought it to my attention that it does take like graham crackers. I am surprised too that Wm didn’t have it, because I thought that everything they carry is usually the same from store to store. But you also have Publix. I bet they have it there. I would kill for a Publix in my area! I love that store. In fact, I usually try to go get all my “exotic” cooking ingredients at my closest Publix, once a month, which used to be the one closest to you in Fair Hope on 98 ( I don’t know if that is technnically Fair Hope) but now there is that new one on 98 that I go to that is closer to our exit in Spanish Fort. I could spend hours in that store.

    Now, what a small world this is. I recently put two and two together when I just happened to notice your name and profile pic on one of my Facebook friends page–Marshea. And you are her brother! I had no idea. I do not really know Marshea very well, but my hubby has taught one of her kids (or maybe more? I don’t know.) and I know she visits our church some during our revivals. It is a very small world!:)

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    After hearing you talk so favorably about Biscoff, I decided that I had to seek out a jar and try it for myself. The Wal-mart here in Fairhope doesn’t have it, which surprised me. But, after a quick search on the Biscoff site, I discovered that Winn-Dixie does, and there is one directly across the street from my house. We got a jar yesterday, and my wife’s life may now be permanently changed. I’m not a fan of graham crackers, so I don’t particularly care for the Biscoff. But it will now be a staple in our panty. We were having cocktails with some friends last night, and took along our new jar so that they could try it as well. We had to just leave them the jar because they loved it so much. I stopped and picked up our new jar earlier today. Thanks for pointing us toward a new product, and thanks for the recipes. We’ll be using them regularly!

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    I blame you for my new addiction. I finished the whole jar all by myself…

    Such cute sandwiches! I didn’t get past spreading it on apples, waffles and bananas.

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