Coconut Cream Pie

Hi all!  I just found out I am a finalist in Cooking Channel’s Perfect 3 Contest.  My entry is a coconut cream pie, affectionately titled “Lorie’s Ultimate Coconut Cream Pie.”  This pie is very near and dear to my heart because, after having many failures with coconut pies, I started experimenting and I managed to create what was my idea of the ultimate coconut pie.  To me, a good coconut pie has to have a nice, flaky crust and a smooth and luscious thick cream filling that tastes like coconut, not just like vanilla pastry cream that has coconut stirred into it.  To top it off, I simply must have freshly whipped and sweetened cream because I’m a whipped cream girl, not a meringue girl.

I would love it if you would take a look and if you think it sounds like something you might like, cast your vote for me.  Grand prize is a trip to New York in June to film a segment with Kelsey Nixon for the Cooking Channel.  Voting goes through May 26 and you can vote up to ten times a day.

I will be back soon with another recipe!

Lorie’s Ultimate Coconut Cream Pie


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    The links you’ve posted don’t seem to lead to the recipe anymore. Have you posted it elsewhere? If not, will you post it? I’d love to try your recipe.

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    This looks incredible. My boyfriend just looked over at the computer and said, “Make that!”

    Congrats on the cooking channel nomination. Good luck!

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    I didn’t know you could vote ten times a day! I’ll go vote some more. I want to make this pie next time my family gets together. It looks amazing!

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